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God Loves Children (Despite What You See in this Photograph)

Dead Babies

Well I’ll be a son-of-a-bitch!

Two sick-as-fuck rabble-rousers, on consecutive days, have sent me creepy photographs.

Yesterday it was a freakish photo of an alien devil-child; today it’s a morbid photo of seven dead kids who were murdered by something called “US airstrikes.” Don’t worry, my staff is working to figure out what that means, but we think it has something to do with a magazine.

Apparently, Antonina Mikhailov, is playing a game of “How  many dead kids can we cram into one frame so we can make God feel guilty.” Let me tell you: that’s a game you can’t win.

Dear God,

How can you allow the violent deaths of these eleven innocent children? You should be ashamed!

Antonina Mikhailov

You can’t make Me feel guilty because I am God. Or did you forget? Any idiot knows that I am a heartless, emotionless, piece of iron. Empathy can lick my Holy Asshole all night long.

Anyway, I will answer your ridiculous question. I allowed the violent deaths of those eleven innocent children because I’m fucking pissed at Sweden.